Regenerative Agriculture & Climate: Seth Itzkan, co-founder and co-director of Soul4Climate, discusses the role of regenerative agriculture and soil in climate health— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy
Bi-Partisanship— A Failed Strategy: Branko Marcetic, journalist writing for Jacobin Magazine and In These Times discusses why bi-partisanship and calls to it— reflect a misbegotten strategy, which has reversed the course of democracy, and can do more harm than good going forward— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.


What the Data Shows: Eric Levitz, journalist who writes for New York Magazine, walks us through the current findings in polls on voter preferences across the generations— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

The Real Estate State; Sam Stein, author of Capitol City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State on the capitalist capture and distortion of the public need for housing and community— in conversaation with Alison Rose Levy.

Revisiting the Green New Deal: Demond Drummer,  the co-founder and executive director of New Consensus which is undertaking the policy planning for the Green New Deal discusses the latest developments— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy

Update on the Green New Deal: Robert C. Hockett,  lawyer, law professor and advocate  who holds two positions at Cornell University and who has worked on policies relating to the Green New Deal reveals plans as to how it is progressing in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

Sanders and Warren Triumph in Rigged CNN Debate Setup: Robert C. Hockett, the Edward Cornell Professor of Law and Professor of Public Policy at Cornell, as well as a senior adviser to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Green New Deal and public policy will discuss the key issues, revelations, and aftermath of the July 30, 2019 debate on CNN with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other candidates— with Alison Rose Levy

They’ve Got Money, We’ve Got People: The Intercept journalist, Ryan Grim, author of the new book, We’ve Got People, discusses  the background of the growing progressive movement, the recent concens raised over this country’s mistreatment of children at the border, and how to align for the best outcome in 2020. In the second segment, economist Andres Bernal, a policy advisor to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses why this new brand of leadership is essential now and how we can support it— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

Denying Sanctuary: How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go From Here: Listen to Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director at the Center for Popular Democracy and a national voice for immigrant justice, women's rights, and the urgency of a people-centered democracy discussing the devolution of the U.S historic welcome to immigrants, the shocking reality that the U.S. Is incarcerating and mistreating children, the politic dynamic around that, and where we go from here— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy. 

Loss of Innocence: Danny Haiphong, co-author of American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News— From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror will speak about the skewing of public opinion in the U.S.through false narratives purveyed by the media— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

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