Archive for November 2019

Billionaires and Safety Nets: Richard J. Eskow, host of the Zero Hour with RK Eskow will talk about the invasion of the billionaires and a safety net for the rest of us— with Alison Rose Levy.

How Individualistic Spiritual Beliefs Contribute to Social Decline: Ron Purser, Professor of Management in the College of Business  at San Francisco State University will discuss his new book, McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality, exploring how the stripping away of ethical values from traditional Buddhist practices colludes with capitalism— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

Update on Organics: Dave Chapman, farmer at Long Wind Farm and Executive Director of the Real Organics Project offers updates and perspectives about the ongoing devolution of Organic standards— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

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