Archive for June 2019

Toxic Ingredients in Hair and Beauty Products: Ronnie Citron-Fink, author of the new book, Toxic Roots, discusses the toxic ingredients allowed in women’s beauty products  due to lack of proper study and regulation— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.


We Can Afford to Address Climate: Andres Bernal, Director of Outreach at the Modern Money Network, and Research Fellow at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity discusses why a new economic paradigm can support the crucial work of addressing climate in both the 2020 elections and in the Green New Deal— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

The Adventure of Living Through Challenging Times: Rivera Sun, activist, non-violent thought leader, and author of the recently published, The Lost Heir, talks about the role of friendship, community, and real dialogue in acknowledging that we are no longer living in a Jane Austen novel, and making our way through these times— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

Smart Elections: Lulu Friesdat, long-standing investigative journalist focused on getting a fair, accurate, and secure vote count in the U.S. in 2020 discusses how to prevent the hacking of our elections, and shares a very timely action opportunity — in New York State—‚ and nationwide launched by to prevent the use of hackable machines without accurate records— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy. 

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