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When ace journalists Jordan Chariton and Bob McChesney wrote, Will the Last Reporter Turn Out the Lights? they probably didn’t realize that the reporter in question would be TYT’s Jordan Chariton, a man who rose to renown in 2016 as the last reporter to get off the set, put down the pundit’s mike and actually report on the compleat 2016 election cycle, down on the ground where reality resides. Chariton (present and reporting at Standing Rock) is currently writing a brilliant new book, Corporate Con Job. In conversation with Alison Rose Levy. Please check out Jordan’s book at

Judge Tells DAPL – No Go Without Environmental Study, featuring Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle, one of several plaintiffs in Jumping Eagle v. Trump, as well as lawyer, Bruce Afran, and Tangerine Bolen of Revolution Truth www.revolutiontruth.orgwhich launched the lawsuit on behalf of Native-Americans whose water is threatened and rights are violated by the DAPL pipeline– in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

Listen to Jeanne Marie Dauray, political consultant, and board member and Illinois State Director at ERA Action, discussing the recent People’s Summit  — with Alison Rose Levy.
Listen to John Bonifaz, founder of Free Speech for People, discussing election integrity  and the recent leak of an NSA document about alleged foreign intrusion in election technology in the 2016 US Presidential election  — with Alison Rose Levy.

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