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Listen to Myron Dewey, indigenous filmmaker, journalist, and professor, and founder of Digital Smoke Signals; and filmmaker, James Spione, co-directors (with Josh Fox) of the new film, Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock discuss this deeply moving portrayal of the indigenous Water Protector’s uprising at, their own experiences at Standing Rock as well as native spirituality, and the culture of healing   — with Alison Rose Levy.

Listen to Tanyette Colon, film-maker and Standing Rock activist, who traveled to Norway with Standing Rock Water Protectresses to help persuade Norwegians to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline in conversation — with Alison Rose Levy.
Listen to Joel Furhman, MD, best-selling author of Eat To Live, The End of Dieting and The End of Heart Disease in conversation about the American diet fixation — with Alison Rose Levy.
Listen to Deena Metzger, writer, poet, environmentalist, and counselor discuss Standing Rock, indigenous and Western mind, and her new book, A Rain of Night Birds, — with Alison Rose Levy.

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