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Listen to  geneticist and editor, Jonathan R. Latham, PhD. co-founder of the Bioscience Resources Project on the Food Movement as a central focus of global change in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

 Listen to  journalist, David Dayen, author of the new book “Chain of Title,” has recently investigated how global financial speculators are now using the corporate dispute process (common to TPP and other trade agreements) to fund court cases and to bankrupt poor regions. As the battle over the ratification of the TPP intensifies, Dayen will discuss these heinous and growing investment practice with Alison Rose Levy.

Listen to Margaret Flowers, MD, co-founder of Popular Resistance and #FlushtheTPP as she discusses her Senate run in the state of Maryland. A frequent guest on Connect the Dots and a long time champion of Single Payer Health Care, Flowers will discuss with Alison Rose Levy the role of third parties in breaking the two party duopoly and the deadlock it creates for democracy and protecting our environment. 

Listen to trade analyst, William Waren of Friends of the Earth discussing the mounting popular opposition to the TPP and what the various scenarios are for defeating it--- with Alison Rose Levy. 

Connect The Dots
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