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Popular Resistance on the 2016 Election:

Listen to Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, activists and co-founders of Popular Resistance, organizers against the TPP and the Global trade trojan in conversation with Alison Rose Levy about this primary season, this election, third parties and the fate of democracy and the earth. 
Dear President Obama:
Featuring journalist documentary film maker, Jon Bowermaster in conversation with Alison Rose Levy, discussing his new documentary (narrated and executive produced by Mark Ruffalo) about fracking and the need for committed leadership from our elected officials.

Listen to election monitoring experts, Lori Grace, of Trust the Vote, and Bob Fitrakis in conversation with Alison Rose Levy about the Democrat primaries and whether or not people can trust the vote.

The Revolving Door Between U.S. Trade Rep and Wall Street: Listen to Friend of the Earth’s Senior Trade Analyst, William Waren in conversation with Alison Rose Levy about why Obama’s so-called Legacy is a gift to Wall Street.

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