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Guest Jerry Mander, the visionary, co-founder of the International Forum on Globalization, and author of Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, discussing the multi-faceted dimensions of why and how we need to reconfigure global economic systems.

Claire Greensfelder, long-time environmental advocacy executive, on the multi-faceted dimensions of our disconnect from the environment and the fate of the earth.

Listen to Randy Hayes, Executive Director of author of Foundation Earth, and Alison Rose Levy for an exploration of the being re-think need to protect the planet's life support systems. 

Author Mary Reynolds Thompson, speaking about about how connection with nature tunes us in to our own nature.

Listen to Susan van Dolsen of Stop the Pipeline
Expansion (SAPE)and Alison Rose Levy for a conversation about pipeline
risks in the Northeast US on Connect the Dots at 10 AM ET this Wednesday,
October 1st. 

Connect The Dots
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