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With Rand corporation scientist Deborah A. Cohen, MD, the author of A Big Fat Crisis, speaking about
why we can't expect people to change their eating habits in an obesagenic

Alison Rose Levy interviews microbiologist and chemist Wilma Subra,
a MacArthur "genius" award winner and a pioneering leader in environmental
protection and justice, about the health impacts of shale gas drilling
and infrastructures.

Fracking in NY: The Bust Cycle: Listen to engineer and fracking expert,
Professor Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University discuss the downsides of
fracking in shallow shale of the type found in New York State on Connect the
Dots in conversation with Alison Rose Levy

Beverly Bell, the author of Fault Lines: Views Across Haiti's Divide and Walking on Fire: Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

Connect The Dots
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