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Liberator’s Trauma

On this show, Alison Rose Levy will welcome Leila Levinson, author of Gated Grief which details the legacy of trauma experienced by descendants of US Army veterans who liberated the concentration camps during World War II. For more information, please go to Leila’s website, and Alison’s website,

The Bond

On this show, Alison Rose Levy will welcome Lynne McTaggart to discuss her new book, The Bond (Free Press). McTaggart, a bestselling author of The Intention Experiment and The Field, looks into scientific research to discover that we’ve set our civilization to function by competing with each other as we glorify ourselves as individuals. This stands in direct contradiction to the way we are designed by nature, which entails bonding, cooperation, and fairness. Go to for more information.

Our guest is Andy Igrejas, Director of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, talking about the Safe Chemicals Act and why, one year after the President’s Cancer Panel Report, we need to do more to prevent illness through assuring the safety of chemicals to which both children and adults are exposed.

The Decline of Journalism

On this show, Alison Rose Levy will welcome Robert McChesney to discuss the decline in American journalism and what that means for democracy. McChesney is a media scholar, journalist, and the co-editor of Will the Last Reporter Turn Out the Lights? (Free Press) which you can purchase at : He’s one of the co-founders of the Free Press ( which fights to preserve internet freedom and the free press, and he’s also the co-author with John Nichols of The Death and Life of American Journalism (Nation Books).

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